Cane Corso Anatomy. Articles about Cane Corso. Part 2

What You Need to Know about Cane Corso

Anatomical structure of Cane Corso

Aricles about your Cane Corso

Quick Facts and Information

  • Height: Males 24-27 inches (64-68 cm.) Females 23-25 inches (60-64 cm.)
  • Weight: Males 99-110 pounds (45-50 kg.) Females 88-99 pounds (40-45 kg.)
  • Life Expectancy: About 10-11 years
  • Compact and muscular
  • Active singles
  • Families
  • Origin: The Cane Corso Italiano is the original Cane Corso breed
  • Group: Mastiff

Keeping Cane Corso
Keeping a dog is the most disturbing question. Some dog breeds didn’t become so popular because of difficult and troublesome care, but Cane Corso dogs are not in this list. Cane Corso is an example of a dog when the dog's cost and keeping cost differ greatly.
Keeping a dog is the most disturbing question. - READ MORE!