Cane Corso Outfit for Active Dogs

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May 15, 2013


When the weather is calling for action it is hard to resist the temptation, isn’t it?


What can be better than involving into some recreative activity with your dog? Maybe you’ve already chosen some from that almost endless list of dog sports? - Probably it’s  agility, tracking, carting, hiking or Schutzhund? Or perhaps you’ve decided to stick to just active dog walking?:)


- Anyway, be perfectly sure: your Cane Corso will thrive with some extra training. - Representatives of this athletic breed need a lot of exercise to keep their body in good shape. And both for training in different terrains and for walking in urban area, there are two things you want from your dog’s equipment. First - it must be durable, and second - it must be easy to clean (comfort for your dog is automatically included beforehand).


The products below are a perfect match for any active Cane Corso.

Still don’t forget about your dog’s protection.

Learn how to care about his health as well!


dog weight pulling harness

How to Care about Cane Corso's Health in a Proper Way

Keeping a dog is the most disturbing question. Some dog breeds didn’t become so popular because of difficult and troublesome care, but Cane Corso dogs are not in this list. Cane Corso is an example of a dog when the dog's cost and keeping cost differ greatly.

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Nylon Multipurpose Dog Harness for Cane Corso Breed

best dog harness

Durable Light Weight Pulling Nylon Harness for Strong Cane Corso

This light weight harness was designed to restrict your dog's movements in a minimal way.

It is extra durable and you'll enjoy the process of its adjustment.

This functional harness has 2 side D-rings and a handle for enhanced control over a dog!

2 Ply Nylon Wide Dog Collar for Cane Corso

dog buckle collars

Walking 2 Ply Wide Nylon Dog Collar for Cane Corso Breed

This collar is great for everyday walks. It is light weight, wide and won't irritate your dog's neck! Due to special properties of nylon this collar is water resistant and it will take minimal effort to clean it.

Moreover it is extra durable as it has two layer of strong nylon!