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  • Model: PATCH1033 id patches

ID Patches for Nylon Collar and Harness


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Removable ID Patches for Nylon Dog Collar and Harness

These patches are introduced only in one size which is universal for all sizes of harnesses and collars that are equipped with these patches.

Patch size:
Length - 5 1/5 inches (13cm)
Width - 1 1/2 inches (4cm)

To see how these patches look on Multipurpose Sevice Nylon Collar with Patches for Cane Corso click here. Follow these links to see how they look on Nylon Reflective Dog Harness for Large Breeds or Lightweight Prime-Quality Cane Corso Breed Harness.

You will receive a pair of identical patches (2 pieces). One patch goes to the left side of the harness/collar and another one goes to the right side of the harness/collar.
These patches are removable. They are fixed with Velcro. If you need several different patches, simply add one by one to the shopping cart.

Please choose Patches:
Search & Rescue
In Training
Service Dog
Blank patch
Gorgeous Wide Nylon Dog Collar

The available patches are the following

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