Keeping Cane Corso

Keeping a dog is the most disturbing question. Some dog breeds didn’t become so popular because of difficult and troublesome care, but Cane Corso dogs are not in this list. Cane Corso is an example of a dog when the dog's cost and keeping cost differ greatly.


Cane Corso doesn’t need regular grooming. It is only necessary to comb the dog twice a year at the period of intensive molting to remove dead hair. The hair is short and thick with light underhair with no specific smell.


If the dog has regular walks on a flat, hard surface, its claws are grinded and there is no a necessity to cut them. But if one hears strange chatter when a pet is walking along the flat, one should cut the claws with the help of special scissors.

Eyes and ears.

There is a standard that the lower eyelid shouldn’t be "overwet".If is wet one should pay attention to if there is nothing discharge out of dog’s eye.
Healthy ears must be clean, without discharging products and unpleasant smell.
There is no strict rule, but in most cases dog owners crop Cane Corso ears and tail. The remaining stubs of ears have a form of equilateral triangles, standing upright.


If one feed the dog according to breeder’s scheme, he will have no troubles with Cane Corso teeth. But if one creates his pet diet by himself, he should remember about special food for dental tartar prevention.


The puppy is vaccinated more than twice a year. Grown-up Cane Corso is vaccinated with multipartial vaccine once a year. One should treat the dog with special anti-flea preparation and give the dog antivermicular medicine.
Caution! Only absolutely healthy dog can be vaccinated.

Life conditions.
Cane Corso can live both in flat and in a country house. It has a little underhair, but it will not heat its body in cold winter evenings, that is why it is not recommended to leave a dog outside all year long. Due to its freedom-loving character it won’t serve well as chain-dog. It needs as much communication with its owner as possible.


This very athletic breed needs a lot of regular exercises. They are excellent jogging companions, and if not jogged daily, it should be taken on at least one long daily walk.