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Molosser dog. Origin.
In ancient state Epirus that was located in the south of present Albania, family of governors was known as Molosses. Mother of Alexander Great, Olympius, was a daughter of Tsar of Epirus. It is believed that she was the first to breed large fighting dogs. Ruler of Epirus sold these dogs or sent them as precious gifts to many countries of the ancient world. The demand for powerful dogs was high at that time and the people of Epirus became skilful and wonderful dog breeders. They had excellent business qualities: sold only male dogs and never females thus preserving their own monopoly in reproduction of these animals.
Very soon "the dogs from Epirus" became rare objects and cost so much that only the rich and rulers could have them. You may find these dogs described in the works of Aristotle, Gomer, Plutarch and Aesop. When in the year 55 B. C. the Romans landed in the British Isles they met "giant with broad mouth dogs" there. Right these "Britons" were forefathers of present Mastiffs. Historians witness that these dogs were the masters of Molosses almost in every particular. Naturally, British dogs were multiply bred with Roman Molosses and as a result they began to look like modern Neapolitan Mastiffs. Numerous descendants of Molosser dogs so to say had initiated the birth of individual breeds. These breeds were named differently: Mastiff, Mastin or Maten. They say this name issued from Latin "mastinus" (domestic). There is the other variation of this interpretation saying that name of some of these dog breeds issued from Celtic words "mas" ("dwelling") and "tuin" – tan (" to guard"), i.e. " the dog guarding house" and this variant was known to the whole Europe.
Nowadays besides major seven dog breeds: Bordeaux Dog, Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Mastino Napoletano, Fila Brasiliero, Mastin Espanol and Tosa Inu, in this list you also may include some of the others: Great Dane, German Boxer, Rottweiler and all Swiss sheepdogs, Boston Terrier, French Bulldogs and one the smallest dog breeds – Mops.
Bullmastiff Breed

Bullmastiff Breed

Height: Male dogs: 63,5-68,5cm, Females: 61-66 cm

Weight: Male dogs: 49,9-59 kg, Females: 41-49,9 kg


Bullmastiff is a powerfully built strong, bony, symmetrical dog. Despite wide and deep body of Bullmastiff his habit is still compact. Again, Bullmastiff has neatly square appearance..

This is an equal and even-minded dog, unwilling to be indefinitely aggressive. Unlimited devotion of this representative of Molosser dog group is much talked about. Bullmastiffs are neutral regarding even family friends or just acquaintances nevertheless they are watchful of those whom they see for the first time..

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English Mastiff Dog Breed

English Mastiff Breed

Height: Male dogs: 75-82 cm, Females: not less 66 cm

Weight: Male dogs: 60-100 kg, Females: 60-100 kg


English Mastiffs are very intelligent and self confident representatives of the Molosser group. English Mastiff, more correctly Old English Mastiff, is an obedient and calm dog. Despite their historical appropriation these canines are good-natured and can live in the family with children.

Mastiff is a large massive and strong well-proportioned dog. At the same time it is a powerful and brave animal. Mastiff's head is heavy and square. If viewed from different sides the head looks massive. The head's width and length are in proportion 2:3. The body is strong, wide, deep and long. The body build is athletic. The extremities are strong, upright. Prominent muscular system. Mastiff should be large dog but with correct body proportions.
Well-balanced. Good companion with guard abilities.

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Great Dane Dog Breed

Great Dane Breed

Height: Height: Males 30 - 34 inches (76 - 86 cm) Females 28 - 32 inches (71 - 81 cm)

Weight: Males 120 - 200 pounds (54 - 90 kg) Females 100 - 130 pounds (45 - 59 kg)

Deutsche Dogge

Old "Bullenbeisser" (Bulldog) as well as "Hatz-and Sauruden" (hunting and boar dogs) that were intermediates between powerful English Mastiff and quick and energetic greyhounds are considered to be foregoers of todays Great Dane.
Originally just a big and strong dog but not a dog of particular breed was named by the term Dogge. Later depending on size and color of coat these dogs were referred to as Ulmer Dogge, English Dogge, Great Dane (German Dogge), Hatzrude (hunting Dane), Saupacker (boar dog) and Grosse Dogge (Great Dane).
The committee that was organized in 1878 in Berlin included 7 active dog breeders and experts headed by Dr. Bodinus, decided to classify all abovementioned breeds as "Deutsche Doggen" (Great Dane).
So, like that breeding of Great Dane as single dog breed started. In 1880 owing to holding of an exhibition in Berlin the first breed standard of Great Dane was made up. Since 1888 the standard "Deutsche Doggen Club 1888 e.V." was set but with the course of time it underwent changes on repeated occasions. The present breed standard meets FCI requirements.

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