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Dog Leash / Leads for Dogs

Dog leashes / leads are the same essential canine accessories as dog collars. Dog leashes must be selected with great care. Our online pet shop has a wide range of best dog leads.
We offer leather and nylon dog leashes; metal, tracking leashes, dual cockpits, rebelays and more...
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All the leashes offered in our web-store are premium quality products.
Depending upon your needs in our dog store you can find excellent dog leashes for various life situations – we will help you in choosing an appropriate leash. Choose out from different colors and materials. Natural leather, nylon, any size – everything you like can be found in our popular store for four-footed pals.
We guarantee that dog leashes purchased from us will serve you for years and will considerably help in not only managing your dog but also your standing out of the pack of other dog handlers.
All the materials used for manufacture of our dog leashes are undoubtedly of best quality.
Dog leash is a link connecting owner and his dog.
If dog leash matches with dog collar you should not ever worry that this leash will put your dog to any inconveniences. Just for this reason our Dog Shop has a large assortment of both dog collars and dog leashes/leads to be made by golden hands of skilful manufacturers.
All hardware for our dog leashes is constructed from high quality metal that in turn grants its service time and failure-free performance. Remember, every self-respecting dog owner must have several types of dog leashes for variety of settings.
Dog leashes available in our online shop combine fantastical quality and low price. It is no need to make a fool from oneself applying a typical linen cord. Dog lead is not lees important for your pet than tie for earnest businessman. Convenient ordering form will make it possible for you to do your shopping quickly and easily. But our experienced upper class consultants are always glad to assist dear customers as for the choice of vital accessories for their pets!
Dog Leashes, Collars, Muzzles, and Training Equipment –all these items are present in our hospitable dog shop! Choose excellent dog gear according to your individual preferences!
Besides collar, every dog should have a lead in his wardrobe. Dog collar is almost useless without a leash. Collar without a leash is like a decorative accessory, not more. Dog leashes have evolved together with dog collars and nowadays they are not only connecting units between dog and his owner but something more meaningful.
In urban environment, in heavy vehicular flow and in collection of people dog lead may turn out to be an unusual "ring lifebuoy" for your dog.
Dog leashes differ in terms of material they are made of, as well as field of application. It is clear to understand, that exhibition ringovka is ineffective within the space of training ground. Main materials to be used for making of our dog leads are nylon, tarpaulin, leather, imitation leather, metal (chains).
As for range of use, dog leashes are divided into: leads/leashes, chains, wire ropes, guide rods, dual cockpits, rebelays, ringovkas and tape-measures.
You should approach the choice of dog lead seriously taking into account size and age, nature and breed of your dog. Metal parts of dog leash should be singularly noted. All these are to be welded and made from perfect quality metal.
Indeed, even the strongest dog leash loses in its valuable properties if it has weak low quality carbine. In principle, carbine can be bought later, after buying a lead especially if your dog is large and strong.
If you are in search of dog leashes used for training then you need cotton canvas or nylon dog leashes.
As a rule, their length varies from one to twenty meters.
Price of such dog leash is in direct relationship to length and reliability of fastening snap hook. These dog leashes by themselves are long-life and can stand great loads. Be attentive when choosing a nylon dog leash – despite whole their beauty they are characterized by unpleasant capability of slipping and burning palms in addition. And, more, even most durable and tearproof dog leash can be easily gnawed through by a dog. Never forget this peculiarity, when chaining your dog.
If you are in need of periodical leashing of your dog for long time do use a wire rope with spring-dashpot or a chain. Chain is to be welded. And once more, do always keep in your head that snap hook must be dependable.
Chain lead can be used for breaking your dog of the habit of gnawing a leash. These dog leashes usually have length equaling to 1.5 m, not more. They look too good with metal dog collar.
But be aware, that metal dog leash can weigh much for the dog to carry it and as consequently discomfort the dog wearing it.
If you practise to chain your dog for short term (in order to make some purchases, for instance), then such dog leads as rebelays will be of great use in this case.
Being too long, about 2 m, this dog lead is equipped with several rings throughout its length. Due to that, this dog leash is easily regulable along the length. Also, rebelay may be used during training of not very large dogs.
In that event make sure that dog leash should be doubly stitched and have no additional adornments that can peel the palms. Dog tape-measures are also capable of defining length.
If you are an owner of big and strong dog that you will not do without a lead. This is a short dog leash that often has only one loop and massive reliable snap hook. But, unfortunately, it has a disadvantage: small length which is impossible to change.
If you walk two dogs simultaneously that you should pay your attention to Double Dog Leash Coupler. These dog leashes contain a leash that splits off at its end. Dual cockpits are beneficial leashes because they do not tangle like two single leashes. Worse luck, with use of such leash it is impossible to air two dogs pulling every which way.
For showing your dog at exhibition you will need a ringovka. These are special exhibition dog leashes that cost too dear. These leashes are selected individually for each dog.
Do bear in your mind, that dog leash is a major instrument for dog management that may provide safety not only for surrounding people but also the dog himself.

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