How to Choose Cane Corso Puppy

A dog, like each mammal, gets a lot of healthy and important for its life substances with mother’s milk. So you should not take a puppy away from mother-dog earlier than at the age of one month .
Be very careful in the procedure of choosing a puppy. Meet with your future puppy’s owners. Ask them to let you see the puppies at the period of their activity. It will be better if you spend one or two hours playing with them.

First of all, you should pay much attention to puppy’s fur and skin. Puppy’s fur must be clean, shiny and accurate. There shouldn’t be any rush or abscesses. Eyes and nose must be clean. Puppy must be fat enough.

Dog’s temperament may be distinguished in its early age. If a puppy puts its brothers and sisters aside trying to get to its mother and eats as much milk as possible, it may create a lot of troubles to you in future. It will be absolute leader. But if you want active and brave dog, it is your puppy. If you like the calmest puppy, prove yourself that it is healthy, because hypo activity may be a sign of some disease or undernourishment.

Sometimes puppy chooses us. And if you have nothing against puppy that has chosen you, take it and you will get the most devoted friend in the world.
Pity is not the right way to choose a puppy. Don’t take the responsibilities to treat and bring up an ill puppy, especially if you have never had a dog. In most cases you won’t succeed.

Please, be advised!

When you take Cane Corso puppy, you should provide it with proper care.
Feeding: high rank dogs should be feed with high quality food;
Care: both puppy and grown-up dog needs your care, love and kindness; it also needs everyday walking and training;
Health care: if you don’t want your puppy to be ill, you should visit a vet twice a year for preventive examination. The dog should be vaccinated. Be ready to see your vet very often during your dog’s first year of life.
Consultation: don’t be afraid to ask questions to the professionals (vet, dog trainer or behaviorist). More questions you ask, less troubles you will have.

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