Important Information about Cane Corso Training

The main thing in Cane Corso training is to pay enough attention to the dog so it could form its own attitude to people. Don’t imprison your pet at only one territory. You should always take it with you for walking so it could learn how to behave with other people, dogs, transport and won’t be coward (it may happen because of wrong training). The first year of life is very important for Cane Corso because it is developed and formed at this period. This period is also called dog socializing one.

If your pet is well trained, it will not cause you any troubles (it will obey you as an owner and the members of your family). It is better to play while training but don’t forget about insistence. If the contact between you and your dog is constant, you will have trustful relations with your pet. You should communicate with your dog every day.
The most important step in training your Cane Corso is to state the strict boundaries of permitted actions. If you forbid anything, this prohibition should be permanent. Only in this case your Corsi will learn this rule.

Please, be advised!

If you punish your dog for something, you should do it immediately after your dog committed some fault. If you do it later, the dog will not understand why it is punished and the result won’t be succeeded.

Another important tool in dog training is your intonation. The puppy understands its mother’s sounds from its birthday (which sound means warning, which one means danger, etc.). The same happens in communication with man. It understands if it acts right or wrong by your intonation. The same situation happens with commands.
It is important for you to form your dog’s behavior during leash/off leash walking. Don’t forget that you are the leader but not your pet. And your dog must learn it. If your dog doesn’t learn this rule from the beginning, the consequences may be sad – the dog will be out of control.
While training your dog you should remember about austerity, but don’t forget to praise your pet for successfully carried out task.

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