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Cane Corso Harnesses

If you prefer period of service and a warranty of quality – turn your attention to leather dog harnesses.
Genuine leather is a quality guarantee capable of withstanding power of your dog. The leather will enable developing your pet's natural abilities.
In addition, we want you to know that our online shop has the same high quality capronic dog harnesses for sale but their weight is ultra light and design is more ergonomic.
All the harnesses available in our popular web-shop are made out of top notch materials that stand up to water and dirt.
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POPULAR - Cane Corso Harnesses

Soft padding from the interior is sure to guarantee maximal comfort for the wearer.
Convenient adjustment system will make it possible for you to put a harness on/off instantly.
Be advised that reflective items sewn in some harnesses will secure your dog in a city.
Leather dog harnesses are constructed from hand selected tack leathers in order to make their service life endless.
All metal partsExtended cast D-ring is meant for secure leashing
large breed
of these harnesses are duly welded for long useful life. Our online catalogue also has exclusive dog goods – special harnesses to be widely used in service & rescue work, vet purposes.
Moreover, you may find patent harnesses that are meant for professional cynologists. Usage of these harnesses will add to your proficiency, will help in dog education and establish your big love for your devoted four-legged friend.
Dog harness is known to be canine ammunition allowing for optimum control over your pet; with harness you may involve your dog in pulling activities, develop his endurance and power, build his muscles.
Nowadays one may find dog harnesses to be engineered for almost all large dog breeds: American Bulldog, Cane Corso, English Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Great Dane, Pit Bull Terrier, Dogue de Bordeaux, Rottweiler, etc.... Highly experienced makers use different materials for manufacture of dog harnesses. These are: common fabric, nylon, velour, leather and leather-like material. It is quite easy to operate the harness that prevents leash pulling if your dog is too active and cannot walk next to your when being outside. When properly adjusted this type of harness will considerably facilitate dog management and, even a child will cope with the dog wearing the harness. At the same time standard walking harness will not be useful for dealing with aggressive, well-behaved dog. Dog market is spoilt for the choice of harnesses that is why you can't easily find a right harness for your dog. It is well known that dog harness should fit dog body tight without drooping. Otherwise it will be less effect from harnessing but the dog himself will feel uncomfortable.
Again, be attentive when choosing a harness. You should clearly realize that power of your dog depends on harness weight and vice versa. You had better prefer expensive harness than save on cheap models of unquestionable quality. These cheap dog harnesses are usually manufactured from low-quality materials therefore their length of life is short, but if worn-out they can considerably damage the dog who wears this accessory. Therefore, for the avoidance of unwanted occurrences, please proportion your dog's strength and size to durability of a harness purchased In these latter days many harnesses contain deflector tabs that add visibility to your dog in the night-timePatches for dog harness
harness 2 small
. You and automobilists will be able to see the dog wearing reflective harness from afar. Do not forget, that it is not recommended using a harness regularly. It account for the following: after harnessing dog does not feel very comfortable in a collar – leash system (it has to do with shift of centre of gravity).
In order not to be mistaken when choosing material and form of a harness you should know what for you will use a harness. If you need a harness for tracker dog, do pay your attention to leather ones having wide straps. Also, you must check all metal partsExtended cast D-ring is meant for secure leashing
harness large breed
, strap sewing.
If you look for a sporting harness that you plan to apply for your dog's pulling activities such as towing a skier or just dog weight pulling, then you are certain to need nylon dog harnesses. These do not contain metal parts, duly stitched and lightweight. Such harnesses have a hawser to attach to. Sometimes, the harnesses are equipped with additional fastening elements (for example, work in the traces).
There are harnesses for heaving exercises and dog participation in sporting events. They are used for short time but frequently. Be aware, that their durability is to be carefully considered. These harnesses help in gradual development of dog endurance, administer in fracture rehabilitation. Extra freights are demountable that in turn precludes determination of correct weight.
The harnesses meant for the dogs with thick necks are indispensable (Mastiff, some of Bulldog breeds). It is preferred to use harness for these dog breeds than a collar. Dogs can breathe easier when wearing a harness; their throat and neck are not damaged. Such harnesses are usually made from lightweight materials.
It may be both nylon and expensive leather decorated with studs or spikes. These harnesses from large stout dogs more often than not are sold together with a lead colored similarly.
Singular position is held by dog harnesses having specific design. These harnesses are used for lifting dogs off the ground. There are also dog harnesses for dogs that have mobility issues or are unable to move on their own due to some reasons (trauma, age, medical procedures).
So, major criterions determining choice of a harness are to be as follows: field of application, dog size, dog body build, practicability. Price of a product should play insignificant role when selecting a harness as cheap harness may not only cause external damages but also inflict your dog serious harm.

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