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Bite Protection Sleeve - X-Sleeve

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Strong Bite Protection Sleeve for Training Dogs

Superb adjustable bite dog sleeve is on offer today! Made specially for heavy-duty dog training, this gear will protect your hands from injuries. The sleeve is made of durable interior and exterior materials which are safe for health. There is also plastic extra protection shoulder shield for additional reinforcement. The sleeve is widely used for different kinds of training and provides the high level of protection.

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Adjustable Bite Dog Sleeve

Bite Dog Sleeve for Left/Right Arm

Why you should buy this bite sleeve:

  • Durable interior and exterior materials
  • Padded handle inside of the sleeve
  • Plastic extra protection shoulder shield
  • Leather belt for sleeve cover secure attachment
  • Perfect bite area angle
  • 3 ways adjustable bite area - puppy, young, adult dog
  • 6 ways adjustable handle
  • Half open front area barrel

When to use this bite sleeve:

  • Protection training
  • Police and military dog training
  • Guard dog training

There are no metal or outside plastic parts in this sleeve to deliver as much comfort as possible. The sleeve provides equal safety as for you as for your dog. Tri Level Bite Bar allows to adjust the gear to the proper training stage. This professional sleeve will do 3 other sleeves due to its adjustment. The accessory is also hand stitching for outstanding durability. It is successfully used for Police, Schutzhund and Military training. Tested and approved by professional Trainers this bite dog sleeve is completely safe equipment.

Note! The sleeve cover should be ordered separately please don't forget to order matching sleeve cover.

Please, pay attention that this model of bite sleeve is used with a cover ONLY! Otherwise, we do not bear any responsibility for the condition of the sleeve that is used without a cover!

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