From the History of Cane Corso Breed

Cane Corso is an old breed of Molosser. Its history goes with its roots into a deep history. We can see this breed in the pictures of famous artists of those times. Philip Hakkert, court artist Sicilian Kingdom (XVIII c.) created a beautiful picture of royal hunting. In the centre of this picture one can find Cane Corso fighting with wild boar. Bartolomeo Pinnelli placed Cane Corso behind himself in his pictures of Roman Life.
According to evidences we can judge about popularity of Cane Corso among aristocrats of Renesance period, whom they served as watchdogs for their castles or as fighters in bloody tournament against gladiators or lions. They participated in military journeys (they were worn metal armours with special tar containers that were set on fire). The dogs "carrying fire" went before against mounted troops. This breed was indispensable in those times.

Great changes in dog’s and people’s lives happened after World War II because of economic and social conditions. This gorgeous, devoted breed almost disappeared because of "necessity". The total number of Cane Corso was reduced greatly and was close to extinction. And it would happen if the biologist in Montava, Professor Giovanni Bonatti hadn’t been so persistant. Bonetti was sure that he could find Cane Corso’s descendants.
In 1973 he started the revival of this breed. Not many people supported him. Professor Fernando Casalino, Jan Antonio Sereni, doctor Stefano Gandolfi, Giancarlo and Luciano Malavazi created Society of Admiring Cane Corso (SACC) and carried out great researching work in the South and North of Italy. Antonio Marsiane made detailed standards of this breed. In 1988 the judges Morsiane, Perricone and Bandone made symmetrical examination of more than 50 dogs in the exhibitions in Milan, Florence and Bari. Italian Kennel club board of director established "Open Book of Breed", where more than 500 hundred dogs that correspond to Cane Corso standards were registered. And November 12, 1996 Can Corso was registered by International Canine Federation. The breed was given a new life in modern world and its working skills were improved.

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